7 X 7 Portraits of a Creative: Andy Allo the SuperConductor

Andy Allo NPG
Andy Allo NPG

Image Credit Via Andy Allo; Facebook.com/AndyALLo

When I first saw her on an episode of The Game; I thought to myself, “wow she is beautiful..and I LOVE.HER.HAIR..”. Then I heard her music from her album UnFresh, and was like…, “not only is this girl beautiful, but she can act, sing, AND play the  guitar!?”

Meet Andy Allo, and Cameroon born, L.A. based funk/soul/R&B singer, singer and guitarist with Prince’s band New Power Generation, and fellow creative soul. Andy is getting ready to start her European tour and I recently had the pleasure ask her a few questions about her journey, creativity, and purpose..Enjoy!


L&C :When did you first recognize your creative gifts?

Andy Allo: I have known since I was little that expressing myself creatively through singing, dancing, or acting makes me really happy. I would always put on performances for my family and tell them that some day I would be on stage performing for people. Being an artist and performer was what I have always wanted to do. When I moved to the United States, that’s when I felt that my dreams could come true and so far, they have. I’ve been very blessed with the ability and opportunity to do what I love.

L&C: What would you say your purpose or your mission as an artist/performer is?

Andy Allo: To make everyone who listens to my music and sees a performance feel connected, to make them smile so I can smile back at them. 🙂 Music is the one thing that can bring us all together and help us forget our differences. If for one moment I can achieve that, I would have fulfilled my purpose

L&C: How would you describe your creative journey?

Andy Allo: I’m still on it. I’m going wherever it takes me. This is just the beginning for me, and all my friends and supporters are on the journey with me.

L&C: What is your favorite song on your album SUPERCONDUCTOR, and how does it make you feel when you perform it?

Andy Allo:  My favorite song from Superconductor is always changing. It depends what mood I’m in and what I’m feeling. Right now, the song I find myself singing and playing a lot is Long Gone. That song reminds me of a deep love I have and takes me to a place where my heart is most vulnerable.

L&C A few of your favorite things… go!

Andy Allo: AH!… ice cream, superman socks, pizza, crêpes, vanilla scented candles, yellow roses..

Are you in Europe? If so, be sure to check on one of Andy Allo’s show so you can experience here in person. Oh and by the way…her show are selling out. FAST.

And if you can’t experience her in person right now, you can give your ears and your spirit a treat by purchasing her album SUPERCONDUCTOR which is available now on Amazon and iTunes.


Connect with Andy Allo on Facebook, Twitter, and her website.

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  • […] I loved hearing her perform my favorite songs off her albums UnFRESH and SUPERCONDUCTOR like; Sometimes–(my JAM) and When Stars Collide; and she even did a cover of Marvin Gaye’s Lets Get it On. She enjoyed us -the audience- as much as we enjoyed her. She gave us her energy and shared her sweet spirit with us wrapped in a melody. She was engaging and funny. It’s like she became illuminated on stage and drew us closer to her.  At the end of the show she even took the time out to speak with her supporters. Now, how many artist do that these days?? Right. What a kind soul. It’s a blessing to receive gifts from artist like this. This sistah is Bad. […]

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